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FLIPPER is a fault injection tool developed for SRAM-based FPGAs (in short SRAM-FPGAs) that allows to simulate the occurence of radiation induced Single Event Upsets (SEUs) inside internal resources, namely configuration memory and reconfiguration logic.

For those who are not familiar with these devices, in SRAM-FPGAs a user design is defined by configuration data stored in SRAM memory cells that can be dynamically reconfigurated a priori an unlimited number of times.

Why Flipper? An SEU in SRAM memory cells provoques the flipping of bits as an effect ("1s" turn to "0s" and "0s" turn to "1s"), commonly known as a bit-flip. Here's the name...

FLIPPER is developed by the INAF, IASF Milano, under ESA/ESTEC contract 1855/04/NL/LvH/gm, in collaboration with Sanitas EG.